An Easter Tea Party is one of the most fun ways to welcome in Spring. 

It’s one full of blossoms, of flowers, and friendships, both old and new.

As we prepared for our annual Easter-Spring Tea we not only outline a garden type menu, set a garden table, send out invitations, and craft away, we also closet shop for the fun Easter-Spring attire for this occasion.

This year we began by dressing “Betty” for the occasion, she along with our chalkboard greeted our friends at the door.


I decided, once again, to skirt it. Although I did try to match “Betty” by adding a touch of floral with a simply tying on a floral belt around my cardigan.






It didn’t take my long to realize that something essential was missing.


Of course, the much needed Tea Party Hat.

Now I was ready to party the afternoon away.



This is how Miss Molly dressed for the occasion.



(can you believe she is wearing my dress, now 51 years old)

And the three of us just having some fun afterwards.


As always my friends, thanks for dropping by.  Have a wonderful day.  

Don’t worry . . . I will be posting all the fun Easter Tea Party details including invitation ideas, table setting ideas and menu in the next few days.

Joining me and all the other fun gal’s at Patti’s for visible Monday.

After donning the Easter Bonnet it’s also fitting to hop on over and join the link up for Judith’s monthly hat attack.


    • Molly is growing up way too quickly, I’m thoroughly enjoying the week I’ve been able to have them visit. And, yes, tea parties are always a fun idea. It’s my little way of giving back to all my wonderful friends. A few hours to gather together and let them visit and relax is the best gift I’ve found to give to friends.

  1. Your Easter Bonnet , just perfect in every sense., finishes your outfit beautifully. Your little grandaughter is so pretty in your pink dress., Looking forward to more pictures of this fun day.

    • Thank you Jill, I actually found this bonnet in an antique store in Wilshire England, I spotted it as we were driving by and had to pull over and run in to purchase the silly thing. Then I had to carry it carefully on my lap on three different planes. What was I thinking?

    • I know, isn’t she growing way too quickly? Tori (my daughter) looked all over for a soft pink dress for Molly to wear this year for Easter and we just couldn’t locate one we liked. That’s when we both thought to try on my dress I had passed down to her. Perfect fit.

  2. Great idea: a tea hat party haha. How do you come up with these things? Miss Molly looks so good in your dress. When she was grabbing your pearls I thought…. Oh dear.
    She is such a treasure. Say hallo to Tory for me. I cannot really see her properly. LOL

    • I was actually thinking Oh dear myself, but they survived. The tea party was quite the delight, I’m excited to get the post up so you can see all the fun details. I tell you, someday I’m going to get you over here for one. Tori says hello right back and that she really really wants that Marc Jacobs lovely sweater.

  3. You know I think you’re the most gorgeous creature, but that little angel in her first vintage number just stole the show. That’s what you get when you pass on your wonderful genes!
    Love the hat, and the whole treatment. Chocolate and pink, a complete favorite.
    (Can’t wait to see you!)

    • That’s what my girls a supposed to do, steal the show, right? Your visit is making it much easier for me to be able to put them on the plane for home tomorrow. At least I have something to look forward to.

  4. Oh my goodness, Trina, your granddaughter is so precious! And how very special it is that she’s wearing your childhood dress! You look adorable, by the way! Love your hat!

  5. Trina, I love that Molly is already into vintage! You look adorable in your brown hat. I just bought two hats. One makes me feel ridiculous. The other makes me feel classy. I’ll have to share them and see if you can guess which one is which :-)

  6. Molly looks like she is some Raphaelite baby. So gorgeous! My goodness. Makes me want to pick up a paintbrush right away. Even better is the fact that she is wearing your old dress. How precious is that? Wow. I love it.

    Your hat is spectacular. I can’t wait to see more photos of your table and decorating for the tea. Your ideas are always so inspirational.


  7. Trina,
    What a gorgeous outfit and a happy scene ! Love the paisley with the pearls , cardi, and floral belt. But the hat takes the cake!
    Those photos of Miss Molly are delicious, she is the most exquisite , tiny doll! I can believe that this is your dress because you take care of things so very well. Everything around you is kept well and blooms..

    Happy Spring, enjoy the Easter Preparations, I am looking forward to more.
    XX, Elle


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