In a less than two days, many of you will be gathering with friends and family to celebrate in a day of Thanksgiving. Whether you, my friends, celebrate this day on the last Thursday of November or in October (my Canadian friends), or in other countries just gathering with family and friends, it’s always a nice gesture to show up with a gift of gratitude.

I’m talking about if you’re fortunate to be the guests and not the host family. For many years my extended family all lived within a few miles of each other and we gathered as a family with each of us entering grandma’s home with food in hand.  But as my children and brother have moved away, they find themselves being guests and many times not being assigned any food dishes.  Not wanting to enter empty handed here are some ideas I’ve shared with them to share their gratitude.

Fruit Platter

Purchase a nice bowl, I like to stay with white or pewter because they will match everything, then fill it with some fresh fruit.  Clementines are always a great option and will stay fresh for a good week.  You could easily leave these without wrapping or simply tie on a ribbon with a homemade card.



Holiday serving platter

Purchase a Thanksgiving platter which the hostess can use year after year.  Hand it over with a homemade tag .



Candy dish

Buy a bag of treats which go along with the holiday (I found these yummy almonds at Costco), a candy dish (again I would stay with pewter or white) and maybe throw in a dish towel and then tie it all together with cellophane and your homemade tag. Or make individual treat bags for all to enjoy.




Fresh flowers

You could grab a fresh bunch at your local grocery store and put them in a mason jar with a fun bow. You could also add a fun holiday wood sign which will last year to year.


And if time is running out, simply stop by a local florist or grocery store and buy a floral arrangement.


Wether you’re the guests or the hostess may you all have a day of Thankful hearts and gratitude for all around you.

*homemade tags are easy to make, I downloaded these from the crafted sparrow here.


A sweater dress . . .


Do you have one on your list ? At this time of year they begin popping up in window displays, on mannequins throughout the stores, and on just about every store email I receive.

I must admit, I have my eye on this one here, and here, but this little number came at the perfect price point.  It was handed over to me from Melanie, the fashionista star of bag and beret during our blogger meet-up last July. And leave it to Melanie, she quietly whispered in m ear exactly how she thought I should style it, “just add some black tights and funky boots”.  I don’t know if this is exactly what she had in mind, but with my one black tights and colehan booties, this color block sweater dress has made its way into my everyday apparel.


On a beautiful fall afternoon, it’s warm enough to wear all on its own (I’ve actually worn it without tights and some lower heeled booties).


When the temperature begin to drop, I simply add a light weight jacket.



I patiently waited for this one (banana republic) to go on sale, I know it will be my go-to-jacket of the season.


So, will you be added a sweater dress to your wardrobe this season?  Or are you lucky enough to already own one?

Thank you Melanie for adding one to my closet.


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Ok, I thought that title might get your attention.  As for a real life face lift, as in surgery on my face, well I’ll be right out honest here I am a chicken when it comes to surgery and I absolutely hate going under so unless it’s a life or death necessity, no actual surgery for me.

As for the face lift, well after blogging now for a little over 3 years I have decided it was time to be a grown up girl and get a face lift.  When I first began blogging I had absolutely no idea how to blog or what I was getting into and I’ve just slowly taught myself step by step.  Also, when I had my blog ready to begin we learned that teatimewithtrina was also taken as someone’s domain name, dang because I loved that name.  But I went ahead and used it with  The only problem is I’ve been limited to plug ins and some other fun things.  Enough babbling, anyhow it was just plain time for a face lift. After I had lunch with the ever talented Leigh Ann from (yourhomebasedmom) she casually mentioned I might want to contact Cathy @wordpressbarista, which I did.  She is now my facelift surgeon and I’m so excited.

The new changes should take place within the next week or so and I certainly wouldn’t want to lose any of you, my wonderful friends.  If you have subscribed through email, no need to worry, you will automatically be receiving my new posts. But if you have subscribed to through your feedreader, you will need to take just a moment and cancel my old feed and resubscribe to  I actually like this new name even better!

Now, I can’t just leave without sharing something fun, right?  So about some double grey stripes!  Because grey’s my go-to-color for the season.


This entire outfit was shopped from my closet only. The skirt is, I believe going on 4 years now and I took this cardigan and modernized it by wearing it as a sweater (all buttoned) instead of a cardi.


When I wear shorter, fully skirts I prefer to wear flats, just seems sto fit the style for me better.  What about you? How to you style shorter skirts?


As for the real life face lift . . .

Well, I think I’ll just embrace these smile wrinkles, thinking lines, and age spots because they’re a happy reminder of the life I have lived.


As always my friends, thank for dropping by today.  Have a most wonderful Friday.

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I just entered my home from a little shopping trip, one that had me shaking my head the entire time and fully reminding me that the Christmas season is quickly approachng us. And yet, we still have another full week to bask in one of my favorite holidays.  The holiday of Giving Thanks, the holiday that helps remind us of all we should be grateful for.

Therefore I was ever so grateful to be enveloped by my little reminders throughout my home . . .

Like this little homemade banner.


And my vignette of pumpkins, candles and fall magazines.



And my mirror display.


This display was so easy to put together . . .

I simply taped the sign (purchased from paper source) and carefully draped the felt leaves over the edge, also from paper source and then gathered a few other goodies from my collection.



I truly love this special holiday and with that being said, I think I’ll now go relight those candles, brew a cup of tea, and savor all the wonderful blessings I have been given.
But for those of you who are already getting a head start on that next holiday, there’s going to be a super fun Creating Christmas link party which will begin the week of December 7-11.  And look who’s hosting the first day . . . Would love for all of you to join in on any day.  But for now, go relax . . .




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Most of my weekend wear is what I would call basic. It would consist of a pair of jeans, a pair of comfy-practical shoes, a tee shirt, possibly a jacket or vest, and a few added accessories (maybe).
Something a lot like this . . .
A pair of black jeans and combat boots . . .
A stripe long sleeve tee and down vest . . .
Then add a funky necklace, huge bonus when its handmade with love by a friend. This is one of Suzanne Carillo’s collection which she gave me as a gift last month, I have a hard time taking it off since it matches just about everything I own.

Since it’s now fall-going on winter I layered a nice warm scarf (loving this reversible one I found at Francesca’s) to my basics . . .
And then topped it off with a western style hat. *just a little note on hats. I’m one who enjoys wearing hats and for many reasons, they’re great for bad hair days, they’re great for windy, rainy, and snow days, they keep the sun off my face, and they are one great statement piece. This one I purchased 21 years ago and I still find myself grabbing it time and time again.
There you have it, my basic weekend wear or otherwise known as, take me anywhere I need to go wear.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are now ready for the start of another great week.

jeans-vest-tee:banana republic
combat boots:aldos (on sale)

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Mother Nature finally decided it was time to change the season which called for wrapping myself up in a warm, cuddly, soft cape. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite loving all the rage in capes. They’re not as bulky as a coat, yet just as warm. They can easily be dressed up when worn with a skirt (or dress).
And casual enough to fit with your basic weekend wear.
I’m sure some of you are familiar with this fabulous cape which is one of Nora’s from Jacket Society. When I saw her wearing this one day I immediately emailed her to order one for myself. I just knew it would fit in with my lifestyle and wardrobe needs. I was drawn to the reversibility of this cape, which by the way comes in different colors. In fact, I’m thinking my daughter might be getting either the herringbone/black or herringbone/pink for Christmas (oops, maybe shouldn’t have put that here).
So, what do you think? Do I make for a modern, older version of Little Red Riding Hood?
As always my friends, thanks for dropping by. Have a most wonderful day.

*Nora did not gift me with this cape, I just bought it all on my own and love everything about it.

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It’s been well known that black can be a powerhouse, as far as colors go. It’s bold, distinguished and classic. And yet, gray has a power all on it’s own. It can blend well with many other colors, it can enhance an ensemble, and there are numerous shades to work with it.

While many women (and men) will gravitate to black or neutrals or bright colors, I find myself being pulled towards gray time and time again. As you all know, there are both warm and cool grays. And, I love them both!

Cool grays are a lighter shade, like this Heather gray . . .
And can work well with blue’s and green’s . . .

But I decided to stay monochromatic keeping it all light and heathery. The only heaviness I added was in the knitted texture of the skirt and sweater vest.
I think you may be seeing me in quite a bit of gray this season. What about you, are you a gray powerhouse?
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